News: NoFit State

Monday 23 March 2009

They’ve been based in Llanelli for over twenty years and their mission statement is “to be the circus everyone wants to join”. NoFit State rolls up to the rolls up to the Roundhouse later this week with their latest show Tabu, described as ‘a roller coast ride of orchestrated chaos’.

‘They have resisted all corporate sponsors. The communitarian ethos lives on and the troupe of 40 – the wage bill on tour is £12,000 a week – survive without any permanent revenue funding, even though NFS is now the second largest producing arts company in the principality after Welsh National Opera.’ Read more in the Times, 16 Mar 09

‘… while technically the acrobats are impeccable, they come in all shapes and sizes. This is circus with a soul. “You’re not going to get any of those smooth leotards you get in Cirque du Soleil,” says Director Firenza Guidi. “This is about humanity. If a performer is just technical, it’s aerobics. But if they have an inner life? That’s when it becomes exhilarating to watch.”

Read more in the Independent, 22 Mar 09

catch NoFit State Circus at the Roundhouse from 28 March to 19 April.

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