News: Nick Frost’s 'Cuban Fury' new Salsa film

Friday 14 February 2014 by Deborah Jones

Plus size dancers are having their moment in the spotlight, what with Channel 4’s documentary Big Ballet, for curvy wannabe ballerinas and now comedian Nick Frost has come out as a closet salsa fan.

His new film Cuban Fury, which premieres today to catch the Valentine’s mood, is a romantic comedy where the hero (Frost) is a great dancer who has just let himself go a bit in middle age. It apparently sprang to life after Frost proposed the idea to producer Nira Park in a drunken email.

‘I had this idea about a guy who was a great dancer and wooed this beautiful girl who had a boyfriend… who couldn’t dance and was a bit of a s***,’ says Frost. ‘He makes her fall in love with him because of his passion.’

In the film Frost does all the dancing and trained hard for 7 months, 6 hours a day, at Pineapple Studios. Rashida Jones plays the feisty love interest and Chris O’Dowd the left footed boyfriend.

Richard Marcel, who was the dancing instructor for the film (as well as Strictly) gives some top tips in The Metro including ‘Don’t over dance…keep it small and relaxed and you won’t put them off.’
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If you feel sufficiently inspired to take your other half to a Salsa class this weekend check out our directory listings for Latin American styles we have over 50 class listings for London so there is bound to be one near you. So no excuse really.

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