News: New Faces at ADAD

Monday 30 July 2007

Jeanette Bain is the new Director of The Association of Dance of the African Diaspora.

ADAD supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora described as African People’s Dance (APD). It aims to raise the profile of dance practices with origins in African and Caribbean cultures – including traditional and urban dance forms like capoeira, samba, jazz and tap.

Jeanette moved to the UK in 2003 from Jamaica where she had choreographed and performed in various community settings. She has worked with Oxford-based Innovista Physical Theatre – and most recently with Springs Dance Company and on the Creative Practitioners course at Middlesex University.

With the recent arrival of Dora Jejey as Communications Officer ADAD is moving into a new phase of development. Carolene Hinds, Interim Chair of ADAD said: “We have a dynamic duo ready to take ADAD into its next phase of activity. In this fragile funding environment we look forward to another year of advocacy and nurturing the artists of the APD sector. Jeanette and Dora will strengthen old relationships and build new ones.”

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