News: New Adventures Choreographer Award

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Matthew Bourne

A new award for choreographers has been launched in celebration of Matthew Bourne’s 50th birthday last year. The New Adventures Choreographer Award has been set up with donations from artists, audience members, friends and fans and will support the development of the choreographers of the future.

Matthew Bourne says: “Choreography is the hardest field of the arts to get your work seen or noticed. It requires space, dancers and other expensive resources. Sometimes these resources do not match the creative vision of a choreographer, and that vision may never be realised. This is not the case for aspiring writers, composers or some visual artists, who can work alone with the minimum of costs. I fear that many talented choreographers are lost to us through lack of opportunities to develop their skills and get their work seen. I hope that the New Adventures Choreographer Award will go some small way to rectifying that for one talented individual every two years. I am passionate about encouraging the next generation of dancers and choreographers and I will be seeking someone who has a similar passion to communicate and entertain through movement. My friends and colleagues could not have given me a more fitting birthday present, which will hopefully have a lasting impact on the world of dance and theatre”.

__The recipient of this award – which it is hoped will be made every two years – will be granted the money to work on their choreographic skills over a period of 12 months. Throughout the year, the recipient will have the chance to be mentored by Matthew and other New Adventures associate artists to research and develop a programme of work with a company of New Adventures dancers. They will also receive advice and support from the management and administrative staff at New Adventures and Re:Bourne (the education wing of the company), including creating and managing budgets, marketing and general management. A showcase performance of the created programme of work will be the culmination of the award, to which leading industry figures will be invited.

Applications are now being accepted. There is no age limit and all styles of dance will be considered. For further details visit the New Adventures website

The deadline for applications is 1 May 2011. A shortlist of applications will be announced on 1 June. The assessment panel will be headed by Matthew Bourne and the first winner of the New Adventures Choreographer Award will be announced mid July 2011.

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