News: Monaco Dance Screen Awards 2002

Friday 17 January 2003

Monaco Dance Screen Awards 2002

Wayne McGregor’s choreography for the film ‘chrysalis [‘kriz?lis] n f’ won the category for ‘Screen Choreography Over 15 minutes’ at Monaco Dance Screen 2002.
Funded by ARTE France and produced by Heure d‘été Productions, the film was directed by Olivier Megaton.

Prize winners in other categories included the BBC’s The Dancer’s Body written and presented by Deborah Bull, The Moebius Strip choreographed by Gilles Jobin and Carmen choreographed by Roland Petit.

Based on the themes of his award-winning Trilogy series of dance works: fire; water; earth and air; chrysalis [‘kriz?lis] n f was filmed in July 2002, and features McGregor performing alongside five Random dancers – Theo Clinkard, Claire Cunningham, Laila Diallo, Darren Ellis and Odette Hughes.

“chrysalis shocked and riveted us with its progressive images of birth, life, and transformation,” said the Dance Screen judges. “Utilising techniques often seen only on MTV, it is a powerful succession of visuals that conveys the cycle of existence.”

Dance Screen is an important international competitive festival for dance films and videos. The 9th annual festival was held in Monaco in December 2002, and was organised by the International Music Centre in Vienna and Monaco Dance Forum.

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