News: Mobile clubbers

Wednesday 18 October 2006

Mobile clubbers transformed Liverpool Street station last Wednesday evening. At 7.24 precisely hundreds of people spontaneously started to dance to their own personal soundtracks – and the party continued for at least the next two hours. It’s easy to see why it’s become a popular mobile clubbing venue, with its high glass vaulted roof, a large open concourse – and a suspended walkway above and around the edges, it’s a bit like a dance palace of old. Commuters and station staff are mostly amused, or bemused – and surprising numbers are happy to join in.

This time novelist Geoff Dyer was there:

‘Mobile clubbing is a mirror image of a terrorist outrage. It’s organised with similar precision, the feeling of conspiracy is palpable, and at the allotted time there is a detonation. Of joy.’

Read his report in the Guardian, 14 Oct

So were you there?

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The Londonpaper website has a video report of the evening -slightly pixellated, but atmospheric. View clip

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