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Friday 11 April 2003

Morris Dancing
has been given a reprieve from a new law that would have made it a criminal offence to perform it indoors without a licence.
Jack Malvern, Times, 10 July.03

I Put a Spell on You:
Dancing Women from Salome to Madonna a new book by Wendy Buonaventura is reviewed in the
Telegraph, 3 Aug. 03

Kids Week
Many of London’s top shows are running special Kids Week offers between 20 & 31 August, with free activities including dance lessons at the English National Ballet, and events with shows such as Stomp, Fame & Grease.
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A Global Guide to Male Ballet Styles – courtesy of the
Telegraph, 28 June 03

Dance Umbrella 2003
celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and has just announced its programme, which will run from September to November
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Ambassador for the arts
David Lister poses the question: “whom would you choose to be advocates for the arts?” For dance he suggests Deborah Bull & Jonathan Cope.
Independent, 22 March.02

Counter Phrases
In a collaboration between the Brussels-based Rosas Dance Company and Ictus Music Ensemble, 10 composers were commissioned to write a score for an existing dance. Judith Mackrell discusses the process and response from the composers in,
Guardian, 18 March.03

Ballroom dancing
is growing in status. This is reflected in the fact that Oxford University have upgraded ballroom dancing to stand alongside canoeing, cycling and modern pentathlon in the Varsity match.
Ruth Gledhill, Times, 10 March.03

Abdel-Halim Caracalla
brings his company to the Peacock Theatre this week. His style is “an unlikely-sounding mixture of the modern technique of Martha Graham, his folkloric roots and the colourful ebullience of Arabian court culture…” Read more in
Telegraph, 10 Feb. 03

Boris Eifman’s ballet
Red Giselle is based on the life of ballerina Olga Spessivtseva. He shows her tragedy “not realistically, but as a story of the soul”. The Eifman Ballet Theatre bring it to Sadler’s Wells from 10 – 15 Feb. Read more in the
Times, 2 Feb 03
Judith Mackrell, Guardian, 6 Feb.03

Reasons for going to the Ballet
“I can still glimpse, in my mind, the geometric perfection of Ashton’s ‘Scenes de Ballet’, brilliantly designed to present a different ballet from every angle, and the precise beauty of an entire chorus line-up, all en pointe, moving inch-perfectly as one, rescuing me from my philistinism.” Euan Ferguson is a convert. Read more in
Observer, 19 Jan 03

Julia Flynn reviews Dancer by Colum McCann, a book about the life of Rudolf Nureyev. “McCann…gives us a life of the great dancer which is both thoroughly readable and shot through with telling insights”.
Telegraph, 26 Jan.03

Colum McCann’s latest novel
Dancer is based on the extraordinary life of Rudolf Nureyev. Read an extract
and reviews

Dance in New York
“As the venerable masters of American dance head for Britain this autumn, in New York, Ismene Brown fears for the prospects of the next generation”
Telegraph, 3 Aug.02

11 September and after
The cancellation of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater season at Sadler’s Wells was an immediate effect of the terrorist attacks in America, but what will be the wider, longer term implications for the arts? A panel of Guardian critics give their views, inculding Judith Mackrell on dance.
Judith Mackrell, Guardian, 29 Sept 01

Cuban Dance Talents
Despite a struggling economy, Cuba generously funds and supports the arts, resulting Cuban dance and music enjoying a high profile abroad. However as Nadine Meisner reports “they receive little cultural traffic in the opposite direction.”
Independent, 7 Jan.03

Shock at the Big Top
A new wave of circus shows are becoming more shocking and extreme than before. So much so that for the first time in Britain a circus will have an 18 certificate, meaning children are barred. David Lister takes a look at these new circus shows that have little to do with clowns and elegant tightrope-walkers.
Independent, 8 Jan 03

Dancing office temps
Performing artists who need extra paid work to supplement their dancing, singing or acting, are increasingly turning to office temp work and away from the more traditional choice, waitressing.
Rosalind Renshaw, Times, 23 Oct.02

Back to ballroom
More & more of us are taking up ballroom and Latin dance styles reports Rupert Mellor in the
Times, 3 Aug.02

The bottom line?
Top 5 male nude bottoms chosen by Ismene Brown of the Telegraph as the stage version of The Full Monty opens this week..
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Dance in Edinburgh
is more exciting on the fringe than in the International Festival, according to John Percival in
Independent, 14 Aug. 02

Dance in NY
Ismene Brown comments on the lack of new dance talent on the New York dance scene
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‘Dancing with dogs’
will be part of Crufts competitive events from next year.
Joanna Hunter, Guardian, 9 March.03

What’s The Point of Ballet?
Mark Lawson has been wary of ballet ever since he was forced into a pair of tights at the age of seven. Now at last he may have worked out what it’s all about. He begins the Guardian’s series on ‘difficult’ art forms.
Mark Lawson, The Guardian, 8 September
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Belly Dancing
in Turkey has been denounced as ‘not Turkish enough’ by the Turkish tourism minister. Paul Miles finds out about the fate of belly dancing in holiday resorts.
Telegraph, 25 May.02
Related article,
Guardian, 11 September. 01

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