News: Michael Clark

Monday 17 October 2005

begins his three years as an Artistic Associate of the Barbican with the Stravinsky Project, in which he’ll reinterpret three classic scores. The Rite of Spring, Les Noces come later, first up is *O, Clark’s version of *_Apollo,/strong> (1- 5 Nov.) _“Mine is probably miles apart from Balanchine’s, but someone who knows his would recognise things,” Clark says. Read more in the Guardian, 15 Oct

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‘Clark’s most celebrated muse in the 1980s and early 1990s was the Australian nightclub poseur Leigh Bowery. It’s unlikely that anyone who saw Bowery staggering across the stage in ten-inch heels wielding a chain-saw (in No Fire Escape in Hell, 1986) will forget the sight in a hurry. ‘ Times, 31 Oct

‘A natural classical dancer with a long, lyrical body, Clark surprised everyone, and disappointed many, by dumping ballet the moment he finished his training and diving into contemporary dance instead, first with the Rambert Dance Company and then in Manhattan, where he suddenly acquired vitality and attack: “All I know is I came back from New York and started making my own work.” ‘“Telegraph, 29 Oct”:

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