News: Merce Cunningham is back in town.

Friday 7 April 2006

Merce Cunningham Merce Cunningham
Merce Cunningham talks to Judith Mackrell in The Guardian about why he doesn’t watch dance performances other than his own:

“Cunningham rarely watches other dance performances. He says it is because he has too little time, but he also admits, as politely as he knows how, that too much of what he sees is dull.”

Mackrell discusses Cunningham’s work and its relationship with new technology:

“Cunningham is fascinated by the design potential of new technology because its images can shift as rapidly as those on TV and video. But he retains a loyal, if unsentimental, interest in his past works,”

Judith Mackrell, Guardian, 5 Sep.02

He also talked to Debra Craine in The Times
Does he feel that the world has finally come round to his way of thinking? “Yes, I do. It isn’t just because they’ve come to see me, because they didn’t. But things in their lives have changed which somehow work with some of these ideas I have pursued. They see television now with four or five things going on at once. When I did that on stage they said, ‘What are you doing?’ Now it’s part of their lives.”
Times, 5 Sept. 02
Ismene Brown discovers that Cunningham continues to explore new movement possibilities, and that this is very demanding on his dancers’ bodies and minds. Cunningham admits “it was initially difficult. I have noticed now, though, that dancers have better eyes and they are trained to pick up things now very fast that were at one time awkward or even impossible.”
Telegraph, 10 Sep.02
John Percival highlights the benefits for Cunningham in using the computer programme LifeForms, “LifeForms gives him a humanlike figure made of wires; with this he can construct movement “in ways one would not have thought possible”. Another advantage is that Cunningham can start work on a new dance, even when the company is not in rehearsal.”
Independent, 9 Sep.02

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