News: Mark Morris

Friday 7 November 2008

The Mark Morris Dance Group are currently at the Barbican performing Morris’s latest work to Prokofiev’s original score, in which Romeo & Juliet live to see another day….

Nadine Meisner talks to Mark Morris about the world premiere of the original Prokofiev’s score,
‘The score used by Morris, then, is very different. The exotic dances have been reinstated; the star-cross’d lovers dance their happy-ever-after duet in a star-studded chamber. For Morris: “They go to some place we’ve never seen before, where they have some kind of life, or love beyond life. What it does for me is open the ending, and I like that.”’
__Read the full article in, Sunday Independent, 2 November.08

Damian Fowler finds out about why Stalin’s cultural commissars found it necessary to alter Prokofiev’s original score,
‘“It was a crime against Shakespeare,” says Morris. “It was too political.”’
Read the full article in, Guardian, 3 Nov 2008

See Sanjoy Roy’s step-by-step guide to Mark Morris in the Guardian, 5 Nov 2008

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