News: Many happy returns

Wednesday 23 November 2005

Bolshoi ballerina Maya Plisetskaya celebrated her 80th birthday by dancing a solo made for her by French choreographer Maurice Béjart – and a surprise duet with flamenco star Joaquin Cortes Read more in the Telegraph, 22 Nov

‘Plisetskaya’s extraordinary life parallels the best and the worst of what her country has inflicted on itself.’ Read more in the Leader from the Guardian, 22 Nov

‘In Russia, the glamorous image of the prima ballerina assoluta remains untarnished, even when the dancer in question is 80 and performing a tap number rather than the Dying Swan. ‘ Times, 22 Nov

‘Dressed by Pierre Cardin, she made appearances throughout the evening, and had I not reminded myself that I fell in love with her artistry 42 years ago, I would have sworn that she was a beautiful woman in her late 30s. What she has always brought to the ballet is a blaze of temperament, a passion for dancing, that nothing can dim.’ Clement Crisp, FT, 24 Nov

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