Tuesday 4 August 2015 by Clare Evans

Kim Brandstrup
Photo: Johan Persson

London-based Danish choreographer Kim Brandstrup will create his second full-evening work for The Royal Danish Ballet, celebrating the poetry of Denmark’s foremost contemporary poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen.

Rystet Spejl – literal translation ‘shaken mirror’ – is an ambitious collaboration which brings together a company of forty dancers (aged between 6-70 and drawn from the Royal Danish Ballet and its school), renowned composer Hans Abrahamsen, stage and screen actor Jens Jörn Spottag, and British video artist Leo Warner. Together, they create a multi-layered universe of movement, video, text and music.

Kim Brandstrup has already created several ballets based on literary sources, including Dostoyevsky, Hans Christian Andersen and Shakespeare. He is the winner of two Olivier Awards and has created work for The Royal Ballet, English National Ballet and Rambert in Britain. He is also known for his award-winning work in opera, with his work performed at English National Opera and worldwide.

In Rystet Spejl – the title poem of Thomsen’s latest anthology – the poet tries to capture the ephemeral and elusive nature of the beloved’s gaze in a distorted mirror. In the process, he meditates on the limits of language, and Brandstrup’s ballet picks up where language ends.

Søren Ulrik Thomsen is one of Denmark’s most respected contemporary poets. His work focusses on big existential themes – love, loss, mortality – while still being anchored in the specificity of everyday objects.

The ballet will have its World Premiere on the main stage of the old Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen on Saturday May 28, 2016 followed by six further performances (May 29, 31; June 1, 2, 3, 4).

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