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Tuesday 6 May 2008

As 52 of the top young ballet dancers in the country prepare for the opening night of *Jane Eyre* later this month, Jemima Lewis finds out the level of commitment and dedication that is required to put on a show of this scale.

“Jane Eyre: a ballet created specially for the LCB, to be performed in the West End this month. Very few professional dance companies have the chutzpah to invent their own full-length narrative ballets from scratch: music, choreography, scenery, the lot. The company does it every year, commissioning up-and-coming (and already arrived) composers and choreographers to turn a classic work of literature into a stage spectacle. “

London Children’s Ballet’s Artistic Director, Lucille Briance, set up the company 14 years ago,

“In 1994, Briance’s 11-year-old daughter, Zoe, announced that she wanted to train as a professional ballerina. Briance … wanted to find an outlet for her daughter’s passion that would allow her to try dancing more seriously without having to give up mainstream education. No such organisation existed – it seemed to be ballet school or bust – so Briance invented one.”

To read the full article visit, Telegraph, 4 May.08

Nicole Tongue, choreographer of the London Children’s Ballet production of Jane Eyre, talks to Anja Schall about the attraction of interpreting a novel and communicating a story,

“The art of communicating story through dance is something I will forever be drawn to and has evolved organically out of my various careers. I believe that story telling is one of the most effective devices in getting any message across. This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy art in its purest form or a night of sheer entertainment, in fact I enjoy them equally, but I’m far more likely to remember a story than a lecture, a character than a name and a motive rather than action just for the sake of it.”
Dance UK, 9 May.08

London Children’s Ballet will be performing Jane Eyre at the Peacock Theatre 15-18 May. Online booking
Box office: 0844 412 4322

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