News: Kylie joins Rambert

Friday 7 April 2006

'21' Choreography: Rafael Bonachela Photo: Chris Nash Kylie joins Rambert – on film
Rambert dancer/choreographer Rafael Bonachela has announced that ‘21’, his new creation for the company, will incorporate a short black and white film featuring ,Kylie Minogue. ‘21’, also sees Bonachela collaborating with William Baker and Alan Macdonald, Ms Minogue’s creative team, whom he worked with whilst choreographing the Fever World Tour in 2002.

Kylie Minogue said:“I feel honoured to be welcomed into Rafael’s world of dance. This choreography is so exciting and distinctive. I learned some of his ‘language’ in dance on the Fever 2002 tour and am thrilled to be able to take this a step further.
21 is a wonderful opportunity to be part of an eclectic mix of creative talent.”

‘21’ is performed to a specially commissioned score by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch. The violin is the primary instrument, but the score also includes an electronically altered vocal performance from Ms Minogue.

The new work will be premièred at Clywd Theatr Cymru, Mold on 9 April and has its London première at Sadler’s Wells, on 20 May.

‘21’ is a multi-media presentation of dance, music and film incorporating Bonachela’s distinctive style of choreography with his creative directors’ concept of the meaning of celebrity and adoration. The work is performed to Wallfisch’s original score.

The work is divided into three seven-minute sections. The film, featuring images of Kylie, and choreographed by Bonachela, is incorporated into the middle section of the work and is projected onto a screen, through which the dancers will be visible.

William and Alan explain their concept by saying: “In ‘21’ Kylie represents the loved, as a celebrity she is the object of mass love, yet the individual remains the same as the rest of us – flesh and blood – whilst the celebrity grows into something less tangible. Kylie exists in the minds of the public as a celebrity, but celebrity is artificial. In this piece Kylie is projected as an artificial presence – an image of love and adoration”.

Bonachela says:“Having worked closely with Kylie, William and Alan on several projects last year, when Rambert commissioned me to create a new work my instinct was to invite them into my world of contemporary dance as, I had been invited into their world of popular culture”.

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