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Friday 7 April 2006

Kirov Ballet – now the Maryinsky Ballet.

The 1913 Nijinsky version of The Rite of Spring has painstakingly been researched and pieced back together by two historians and taught to the Kirov ballet. Jenny Gilbert finds out about the process and reactions of those involved.
Independent, 6 July.03
Clifford Bishop explains how Millicent Hodson set about reconstructing Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring, after the original was written out of history.
Hodson was denied access to the most valuable repository of information about any ballet. Undeterred, she searched for eyewitness descriptions, drawings and reviews of the 1913 performances, and tracked down the children of Ballets Russes dancers to see if they could recall anything their parents might have said.”
Sun.Times, 20 Jul. 03
Terry Kirby looks into the history of Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring, the riot in Paris during its performance in 1913 resulting in the choreography being dropped from Les Ballets Russes repertory. Millicent Hodson painstakingly researched and recreated the lost choreography, she explains that,

“The ballet is really the forerunner of modern dance as we know it. It was so different to what had gone before: it was angular, abstract and geometric and so special. The costumes had these ritualistic designs which people had never seen before. It created a whole new agenda for dance.”

Independent, 2 Aug.03
Judith Mackrell takes a look at how the company coped with learning Vaslav Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring and Bronislava Nijinska’s Les Noces in amongst all their other rehearsals and touring engagements.
“The Kirov may be one of the world’s biggest ballet companies but its dancers work an insanely busy and fragmented schedule.”

Guardian, 21 Jul 03
The Kirov Ballet 'Serenade' Photo: Colin Willoughby/ArenaPAL Debra Craine,
“One doesn’t freely ascribe pre-eminence to a single ballet company, but in the case of the Kirov it’s hard not to. Practically everything we know and love about 19th-century classical ballet comes from the Kirov.”

Times, 15 July.03

As the company prepares for its performances in London at the end of this month Clement Crisp looks at the history and noble bloodline of the Marinsky Theatre and its ballet.
FT, 11 July.03

The Kirov Ballet La Bayadere. Photo: Janet Levitt Nadine Meisner takes a look at the Kirov Ballet’s production of La Bayadère that is being shown in London this summer.

“So, what the Maryinsky Ballet is bringing to London is the complete Bayadère, with all its choreography, all its music, all its design… All this, however, restores not the first, 1877 production, but the 1900 one, the last supervised by Petipa. It incorporated choreographic changes as well as new designs.”

Independent, 15 July.03

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