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Friday 7 April 2006

Royal Ballet 'Manon' Photo: Bill Cooper Kenneth MacMillan
To mark the 10th anniversary of his death the Royal Ballet are showing a number of his works as part of the international celebration of Kenneth MacMillan. MacMillan ballets that will feature in their 2002/03 season include: Danses Concertantes, The Judas Tree, Gloria, Mayerling, Winter Dreams and Song of the Earth.

Fitting Tribute
is at last being paid to Kenneth Macmillan under the new direction of Monica Mason at the Royal Ballet.
Debra Craine asks “Ten years after his death, what does Kenneth MacMillan mean to the world of ballet?”
Read her conclusion in Times, 25 Oct.02
Amateurs at the Opera House
Lady MacMillan speaks her mind to Ismene Brown about the Covent Garden Board,

“…in dance terms, the Opera House has had at its helm a bunch of amateurs.”

She adds,
“It gets right up my nose to hear people on the board saying we must modernise ballet, as if no one had done it. Kenneth pushed ballet so far forward in his time that he frightened the living daylights out of some people.”

Telegraph, 29 Oct.02
MacMillan’s legacy
Lady MacMillan talks to Nadine Meisner about keeping her husband’s artistic legacy alive
“He was not trying to tear ballet apart, just to make it grown up,”
says Lady MacMillan.
“He knew how far you could push and re-shape classical dance without losing its essential shapes.”

Independent, 28 Oct.02
Dancers’ Thoughts
Dancers who worked with Sir Kenneth Macmillan describe what it was like to work with Britain’s greatest choreographer in the
Telegraph, 29 Oct.02
Clement Crisp
on Macmillan’s legacy – and his friendship
“MacMillan extended the possibilites of ballet, of choreography as psychological probe, of classical academic movement as an expressive language. For MacMillan ballet was an art that could be as mature and adventurous as any form of theatre, and his achievement was choreography that challenged every preconception about what dance could tell of emotion and experience.”

FT, 25 Oct. 02

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