News: Jack Widdowson Dances Again

Monday 2 April 2012 by Sarah Golding

British dancer Jack Widdowson had been with Swiss company Bern:Ballett only four months when he was attacked in Cardiff. Doctors initially feared that Widdowson would never be able to walk again, but with strong family support and intense rehabilitation he has been able to start dancing – even managing a full ballet class.

“I’ve done a few full ballet classes now, but the first ones went a bit pear-shaped. My turns are all right but I’m only doing singles. I could do a double but I think I will get into bad habits if I push myself too hard too early. Obviously, my big jumps at the moment still aren’t too great, but I’m getting there.” Widdowson explains.

For the full article, Steven Morris, Guardian, 2 April 2012

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