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Friday 26 July 2002

Choreographers & Pieces
The Ballplayers of Xibalba (premiered at the Youth Theater in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia on May 25, 2002)
Choreographer: Susana B. Williams
Music by: By Glen Velez
Performance: Susana B. Williams.
The Maya describe the inhabitants of their world, human and superhuman, visible and invisible, in elaborate and powerful stories. The Book of Council or the Popo Uuj of the Quiche Maya people is a compilation of stories that explains the essence of all living experience. The inspiration of this dance is based on the adventures of twin brothers, named Hunahpu and Xbalanque, who are the heroes of the Mayan myth. The story narrates the journey of the twins into the underworld. By day they are forced to play the ball game against the Lords of Death. By night they survived a series of trials and magical conundrums designed to defeat them. They ultimately triumphed, not by overpowering their enemy, however, but by outwitting them. The ballgame, for the Maya, was the symbolic arena in which life and death, victory and defeat, rebirth and triumph played out their consequences.

Come (2002) (segment) Choreographer: Alyce Finwall
Performance: Kathleen Bibalo and Alyce Finwall

Compulsion (2002) Choreographer: Tony Orrico
Music by: Scott Lindroth, Duo for Violins
Performance: Jeffery Bullock. Compulsion is a contemporary solo that explores stagnant motion and a return to the realized problem. Through accumulation and variation of movement, the soloist delves into posibilities and still surfaces with the same desires. This piece is about compulsive behavior within functional limits and an individual’s complete self awareness, however, minus his self-control.

Invited Thunder (premiere) Choreographer: Kim Olson / Music by: Mark Deutsch
Performance: Lindsay Ashmun, Kim Olson, Scott Kunce, and Jeny Weber

Rays of light; Artists Respond to Sept. 11 (2001)
Choreographer: Aimée McDonald
Music by: Laurie Anderson
Performance: Aimée McDonald

Swept (premiere) Choreographer: Sally Schuiling
Music by: Henry Cowell
Performance: Heather McCoy, Sabra Perry, Sally Schuiling

Mahankali Dance Mask Dance from Bhaktapur of Kathmandu Valley

Lakhe Dance Mask Dance of Kathmandu

Jhankri Dance Unique Dance of remote parts of Nepal

Yak ‘n’ Yeti Image of Yeti and Yak Interpreted by the New Himalchuli Cultural Group: Sujan Singh Dangol (Executive Director) Bharat Bahadur K.C. (Instructor), Dilaram Sapkota (Assistant Instructor), Shyam Sapkota (dancer), Bhumi Raj Subedi (dancer), Hari Bahadur Khatri (dancer).

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