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Thursday 8 August 2002

Learning to ballroom dance
can keep dementia at bay, according to neurologist Joe Verghese. “Dancing involves precise physical activity, listening to the music, remembering dance steps and taking your partner into account, which is very mentally testing,” Read more in the
Times, 20 June 03

Treating dance injuries
With the news that the Government and the NHS are suggesting getting tough on self-induced injury and disease, Dr Thomas Stuttaford asks; should ballet dancers who incure injuries through training and performance also be refused treatment? He argues against the new proposals,
Times, 5 June.03

Yoga-ballet fusion
Fitness and dance classes that combine elements from both ballet and yoga are becoming a popular way to stay toned, supple and in shape.
Anna Selby, FT, 16 May.03

A US manufacturer
Gaynor Minden, using moulded-plastics high technology derived from trainers looks set to threaten traditional shoe manufactures. Read more in the
Telegraph, 8 Mar. 03

Aston Villa Striker Dion Dublin an avid supporter of Birmingham Royal Ballet: “They’ve taught me that ballet is for everyone. You don’t have to be a connoisseur or wear a dinner jacket. I admire the way they’re trying to open the art out so that it touches the people — all people..“reports Malcolm Boyden, Times, 21 Oct. 02. Dance critic Debra Craine isn’t surprised: “… no matter how athletic dancers get, no matter how fine-tuned their physiques, it’s not just about how high they jump. Dance is about fantasy; it’s the ultimate escape after a hard day at the office or a hard day on the pitch”
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The goals were great – but the celebrations were sensational. Guardian dance critic Judith Mackrell analyses the body language of World Cup triumph…
Guardian, 27 Jun. 02

David Belle
is the real life spiderman who features in the latest BBC1 promotional film.see video Rooftop surfing is part of a new form of urban martial arts currently taking France by storm. Called Le Parkour- the obstacle course – its a mixture of acrobatics and daredevil antics…
in the Evening Standard, 18 Apr. 02

Shaolin Monks
performed at the Peacock Theatre mid-Sep.02. Ryan Parry found out how the monks maintain and improve their extremely high level of physical fitness.
Ryan Parry, Mirror, 4 Sep.02

‘Fascinating Rhythm’
According to the latest findings reported in The Journal of Experimental Pyschology, we all have it – but maybe not as much as Fred Astaire or Michael Flatley!
Roger Highfield, Science Editor of the Telegraph, explains

News from L.A.
‘A 17st fitness instructor who was told by an exercise company that she was too fat to hold classes has had the ban overturned after she sued under human rights legislation.’
Telegraph, 9 May 02

Perils of country dancing!
“A surgeon gave a public health warning about Scottish country dancing yesterday, after treating an enthusiast whose injuries he likened to those of a car crash victim.”

Bolshoi Fitness

“instructors intend to persuade more men that ballet fitness can be a physically active challenge. . . Gennya Goremykin, the former principal Bolshoi dancer, believes his own version of ballet-based fitness training has considerable male appeal”

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Fit to Dance?
Jerwood Charitable Foundation funds major Dance UK research into the health and well-being of dancers.
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Dance UK Release New Title
Dance UK announce the release of their newest title, Your Body, Your Risk priced at a bargain £4.50
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