News: Good ACE news for Candoco

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Candoco Dance Company 'Renditions' Photo: James Rowbotham

Company statement

Candoco Dance Company is delighted to announce that its application to the National Portfolio Funding programme has been successful.
Arts Council England has offered Candoco Dance Company the following levels of funding:

2012-2013: £400,00 ; 2013-2014: £405,000; 2014-2015: £415,530

This is a conditional offer, subject to a funding agreement between ACE and Candoco Dance Company. It constitutes an increase in core funding of 15% or £ 52, 233 from our core 2011/12 grant.

This investment recognises the contribution Candoco Dance Company has made over the last 20 years to the performing arts sector by producing and presenting high quality, innovative works by disabled and non-disabled dancers.

It allows us to continue to commission choreographers to create excellent and profound experiences for audiences and participants that excite, change and broaden perceptions of art and ability, are bold and unpredictable, and place people and collaboration at our heart.

We aim to bring about change in thinking about dance, about ability, about who is allowed ‘in’ and how we interact with and create our worlds. Learning and Development sits along side performance and creativity in our plans. Both are equally important and support each other. Our integrated and coherent programme will create change in the dance workforce and will lead a shift in attitudes to dance and disability.

With a wealth of 20 years experience in creating excellent art; our goal is now to combine that innovative creativity with meeting external expectations and our own aspirations to lead a cultural shift in dance and disability.

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