News: For Anthony Minghella

Monday 2 June 2008

Choreographer Jonathan Lunn and film-maker Anthony Minghella were old friends from their days together at Hull University. Over the years they had worked together several times. In 2006 Minghella wrote and delivered the voice over on Lunn’s Self Assembly – which made the Final of the Place Prize. It juxtaposed the instructions for flat pack furniture with a troubled relationship. Reading Room also features text (read by Juliet Stevenson on 5 June & Miranda Richardson on 6 June) and dance.

“The point is not to have Juliet Stevenson prancing around the stage, or to get dancers performing Shake-speare, but to exploit the best of everybody’s skills. I want to see if it’s possible to make something in which you don’t try to find literal movement for what’s being said, but instead discover a way to weave dance underneath and in between it.”
Read more of Donald Hutera’s interview with Jonathan Lunn in the Times, 31 May 08

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