News: Football versus ballet

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Paul Croughton does a class at the Royal Ballet to find out whether it is possible to compare football and ballet in terms of fitness and training.

The similarities:

“Both disciplines demand an extraordinary level of strength and fitness, as well as near-fanatical commitment to a career that is relatively short-lived and could, at any moment, be ended by injury.”

The training:

“So what’s the difference between a footballer and a ballet dancer? Top footballers train for two to three hours a day and might do an hour’s work in the gym after that. Their counterparts in ballet kick off with an hour’s Pilates, followed by a 90-minute warm-up and up to six hours’ rehearsal. And perhaps a two-hour performance in the evening. One-nil to the ballet boys.”

Read the full article in, Sunday Times, 21 March 2010

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