News: Flick Colby

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Flick Colby and Pan's People. Photograph: Philip Day Publicity/PA

Flick Colby, co-founder of Pan’s People, has died at the age of 65.

“Colby, an American with long blonde hair and a megawatt smile, confected slinky, semi-risque and often extravagant Top of the Pops routines for Pan’s People for eight years.”
Chris Wiegand, Guardian, 30 May.11#

“She would often have just a few hours to come up with a sequence for a song on TOTP, which may explain the comically literal moves the group sometimes pulled.”
Guardian, 29 May.11

Julia Raeside looks back at the appeal of Pan’s People,

“Their often literal interpretations of song lyrics and their jaunty girlishness is what most will associate with them.”
Guardian, 30 May.11

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