News: Eva Yerbabuena

Friday 13 March 2009

As the Flamenco Festival London 09 opens at Sadler’s Wells this weekend Jan Fairley draws a portrait of two leading ladies; Eva Yerbabuena & Estrella Morente,

“When Eva María García was 12, she tore a page out of her school notebook and, using a red pen, wrote to the King and Queen of Spain. In the letter, Garcia explained that her parents had hit upon hard times and could no longer afford her flamenco she asked if the royals might help, as she did not want to stop dancing……Today, known as Eva Yerbabuena, she is one of flamenco and Spain’s top dancer-choreographers, playing to packed houses from Buenos Aires to Paris.”
“[Estrella] Morente grew up singing and dancing with her cousins, as assorted famous uncles played guitar for her, and she went on to become a gifted dancer and singer. Knowing everything by heart, she is able to choose instinctively which of the complex coded flamenco forms (called palos) is appropriate for different moments.”

Read the full article in, Guardian, 13 March.09

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