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Friday 7 April 2006

Irek Mukhamedov
has written a new ballet for London schoolchildren. He is very critical of the current state of ballet teaching in Britain, in conversation with Louise Levene, Telegraph, 23 Apr. 03. He also talks to Nadine Meisner in
Independent, 14 May. 03
Northern School of Contemporary Dance
announces a major strategic alliance with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (BOVTS) as it joins the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (CfDD).
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Urdang forced to move
Plans to redevelop an entire block of Covent Garden threaten the future of the Urdang Academy, a renowned ballet and performing arts school. Christopher Booker reports,
Sun.Independent, 20 Apr.03
Street dance and ballet
In its first creative partnership with a state school, students from the Royal Ballet School worked with pupils from Brampton Manor school in Newham. The project culminated in a show which was “proof of a mutual respect that has developed despite the different lives the pupils lead.”
Abi Newman, Guardian, 6 May.03
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Caronline Haydon, Independent, 27 March.03
Royal Ballet School
The director of the Royal Ballet School, Gailene Stock, and her PA, Rachel Hollings, have a very successful and fulfilling working relationship. Deborah King finds out what it is like to run one of the top institutions for dance training in the world.
Times, 19 March.03
New National Youth Dance Agency announced
The government has promised to set up a national agency to “rescue dance classes from their “Barbie Doll” reputation.” The £3m package for music and dance announced by the education secretary, Charles Clarke, will make sure that hip-hop and street dance are promoted alongside jazz, tap and ballet. Read more in the
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Theatre chief warns of arts apartheid
“A new cultural apartheid is denying children who go to state schools the chance to enjoy theatre and the arts, according to Nicholas Hytner, the man who will take over as director at the National Theatre next year.
Fiachra Gibbons, Guardian, 4 Nov. 02
The Paris Opera school
maintains that strict discipline is the only way to produce top ballerinas and one of the world’s best corps de ballet. But at what price? Investigations show that the children are subjected to ‘psychological terror and medical neglect’, refused professional treatment or continuous medical help following injury.
Paul Webster, Observer, 8 Dec.02
Physical Justice
is a major new project @ East London Dance, run in partnership with youth offending teams in the Boroughs of Havering, Barking and Dagenham.
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What’s in a Job?
Lucy Ballinger takes a look at what it takes to be a ballet dancer, including the perks, demands and pay.
Observer,18 Aug.02
Liverpool’s Institute for Performing Arts
is proving popular. “The performing arts is a tough profession and we want to give our students as much experience in as many areas as possible.”
John Crace, Guardian, 9 Jul. 02
An Iranian/American Dance Teacher
has been prosecuted in Tehran for teaching dance in the US.
FT, 8 Jul. 02
Dangerous Dance Moves
A dance step that originated in Los Angeles and has been described as “hopscotch on crack” has been banned in schools because of its associations with gang violence. . . by Duncan Campbell in
Guardian, 10 June.02
More Dance in Schools?
A major conference organised by the Dance and Exercise Initiative took place in January. Catherine Hale reports.
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