News: Edinburgh Festival 2003

Friday 7 April 2006

San Francisco Ballet Lorena Feijoo Photo: RJ Muna The Edinburgh International Festival
runs from 10 – 30 August.
If you fancy getting out of town – and seeing some dance, Scotland can offer Cullberg Ballet, Bordeaux Opera Ballet and San Francisco Ballet, for starters.
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“As far as dance is concerned, the Edinburgh International Festival has always prided itself on being different. The festival’s guiding principle is to present attractions that can’t be seen elsewhere in Britain, so inevitably there’s an international slant to the programming. _
_But the Edinburgh Festival also likes to make special things happen, and in 2003 that means taking a good look at a British choreographer through the lens of an American ballet company. In one of the highlights of the festival, San Francisco Ballet will turn the spotlight on Christopher Wheeldon, the former Royal Ballet dancer who moved to New York a decade ago and became one of the hottest dancemakers in America.”

Read more in the
Times, 25 Jul 03
Christopher Wheeldon profile
“The new Picasso, the new Mozart, the new JK Rowling – maybe it’s human nature that the loud-hailers of art need always to know where the next fix of genius is going to come from. In the ballet world, the search for the successor to George Balanchine, the Russian who dominated the 20th century and founded American ballet, has been frenetic ever since he died 10 years ago. For fate to supply a matching genius so soon seems unlikely, but a young fellow from England has been found whom even the least hyperbolic critics in America believe is something real, a master in the making, rather than a pretender. _
_*Christopher Wheeldon*, though only just 30, is keeping his head.”

Ismene Brown, Telegraph, 26 Jul 03
The choreographer
“After a decade dancing with the Royal Ballet and the New York City Ballet, Christopher Wheeldon retired in 2000 for a new career as a choreographer. In 2001, he created Polyphonia with music by Gyorgi Ligeti for the New York City Ballet – it won rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival and an Olivier award. This year the San Francisco Ballet will be performing a showcase of Wheeldon’s works, including the world premiere of a new ballet, specially commissioned by the Festival.”

Observer, 27 Jul 03

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