News: DTAP Steps Forward

Friday 29 January 2010

The Dance Training Accreditation Partnership (DTAP), a major national initiative for developing quality standards and building capacity for the teaching of dance in England outside of the formal education sector, is announcing several new developments in its work.

Earlier this year, DTAP was awarded a significant grant by Arts Council England to take its work forward. The grant is currently enabling DTAP to:

• Commission Trinity College London to create a new level 6 qualification in Teaching Dance for Children and Young People. The qualification is currently in its pilot stage, prior to being rolled out for delivery from autumn 2010 onwards.

• Create National Occupational Standards (NOS) for community and participatory dance, including investigating the skills and competencies required within specific settings including dance for young people, dance and disabled people, dance for older people, dance in health, and dance within the criminal justice sector. A broad consultation with specialist advisors across these areas is currently in progress, with the aim that NOS are submitted for accreditation in spring 2010.

• Recruit a consultant to research the establishment of a suitable regulatory framework to ensure standards are disseminated and maintained, with the potential to unite the dance sector.

DTAP is formed of a group of leading national dance organisations including ADAD (the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora), the Council for Dance Education and Training, Dance UK, the Foundation for Community Dance, SADA (South Asian Dance Alliance), the National Dance Teachers’ Association, SCODHE (the Standing Conference on Dance in Higher Education), and Youth Dance England. Laban and the National Dance Network are also involved as consultative partners. Consortium members of the DTAP

Graham Devlin, former Acting Secretary General of the Arts Council of England, has been appointed as Executive Chair, with the Foundation for Community Dance and Youth Dance England leading on delivery of key project strands.

Graham Devlin, says “We are very pleased with our progress so far, and confident that DTAP will have a hugely positive effect on the dance profession in this country, with benefits for those learning and teaching dance at all levels. In taking these next steps, we hope that dance professionals who work outside the formal education sector will be encouraged to keep track of future developments and take up the opportunities that are being developed”.

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