News: Dirty Dancing

Monday 11 September 2006

Dirty Dancing (1987) very nearly didn’t get made – and even when the persistence of its creator Eleanor Bergstein finally paid off and it finally went into production, it was with a budget of $5 million (it made over $170) and intended to go straight to video. So what went right?

Polly Vernon looks back at the phenomenal success of Swazye, Baby and all and forward to its incarnation on the London stage next month. She also talks to its creator who is in no doubt about its global significance: “When the Berlin Wall came down, there were all these pictures of kids wearing Dirty Dancing T-shirts; they were saying: we want to have what they have in the West! We want Dirty Dancing! ‘”

Read more in the Observer, 10 Sep

Eleanor Bergstein also talked about why it has taken so long to bring Dirty Dancing to the stage:

“People have suggested it before but I just didn’t see how it could work,” she says. Admittedly, it’s not a traditional musical. None of the principals sings, for example. “But,” says Bergstein, “I have come to realise that people watch it over and over again, which means that they must connect with it very personally. So, in that sense, it’s made for the stage, where you can feel the emotions of the piece much more immediately.” Read more in the Telegraph, 24 Sep

Dirty Dancing opens at the Aldwych Theatre, London WC2 (0870 400 0805) on 24 Oct, with previews from 28 Sept.


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