News: Diana ballet opens in Manchester

Friday 11 March 2005

Its West End venue has yet to be confirmed. Audience reception has ecstatic – the critics less so.

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‘Although the first-night audience booed the Camilla dancer’s curtain calls, my underwhelmed lot didn’t think the show was panto fun; the ballet is far too high-minded for that. I suspect that only a flock of curious tourists would make a West End run worth risking’ Jann Parry, Observer, 13 Mar

‘There were discernible hisses in the auditorium during the scene where Charles dances a pas de deux with Camilla. The Prince, portrayed elsewhere like John Cleese doing his silly walk, is reduced to a slavish presence walking around on all fours.’ Times, 9 Mar

‘It should be awful: a ballet based on the life of Princess Diana, featuring a chorus of beefeaters, a whip-wielding Camilla and a soundtrack that mixes Elgar with The Cure. And while Diana the Princess, created by Danish dance impresario Peter Schaufuss, is indeed pretty awful, it does have moments of comic genius. The problem is, it’s hard to tell whether they’re intentional or not.’ Lyndsey Whinship, Independent, 8 Mar

‘Schaufuss was a fine if controversial director of English National Ballet in the late 1980s, when Princess Diana was ENB’s patron. He claims the intimacy of “the princess’s ballet-master” to pen this “celebration” of “the real Diana”. Given the subject, one can only go to see whether his creation either violates a barely cold grave or is a half-decent joke. Matthew Bourne got away with satirising Fergie and the Queen in his Swan Lake, but then he’s English.’ Ismene Brown, Telegraph, 10 Mar

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