News: Desert Island Dancers: Siobhan Davies

Thursday 21 September 2017

This Friday, contemporary dance legend Siobhan Davies is stepping up for the next conversation in the My Dance DNA talk series

Siobhan Davies has been a leading figure in British contemporary dance for several decades. Starting out with the revolutionary London Contemporary Dance Theatre, she went on to co-found Second Stride with Richard Alston and Ian Spink and later worked as associate choreographer at Rambert Dance Company. In 1988 she founded Siobhan Davies Dance and continues to tests the boundaries of dance and art with work in galleries and site-specific locations.

Siobhan will be taking on a dance style Desert Island Discs, picking a range of footage that has inspired her career. She says, “I am so intrigued with all the choices each choreographer is going to make. My first selection was fun to think about but that led me to question why this film and not another and that led me to finding out how a film might matter to me at the very heart of what I make and why. I feel a tenderness for my choices and what they represent.”

Check out the gallery below which shows a range of Siobhan’s work.

From one female leader to another

Siobhan will be speaking to Maria Balshaw, Director of the Tate art museums and galleries. Previously she was the director of the Whitworth, University of Manchester and Manchester City Galleries. On Siobhan, Maria said: “Sue has always been an inspiration for me as a choreographer who thinks through many art form disciplines as she forges her movement language. It’s a joy to be in conversation with someone who has been so influential for me personally and professionally.”

It’s free and live

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Get your questions answered

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Tune in to 6.30pm on Friday 22 September

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