Wednesday 13 September 2017

This Sunday, award winning choreographer Akram Khan will take on a dance version of Desert Island Discs as part of Dance Umbrella’s My Dance DNA talk series.

He’ll be revealing his inspirations, exploring work to date and sharing what dance makes his heart beat a little faster. Here’s why we’re excited to tune in and you should be too!

Akram Khan has produced some pretty amazing dance

Akram Khan has been choreographing for 15 years and has won lots of awards for his imaginative and lyrical productions such as DESH.

Last year he worked with the English National Ballet to bring a new imagining of ballet Giselle to the stage. The show is back in London this September and tickets have already sold out!

His collaborations have also been cross-discipline and included work with actress Juliette Binoche, Kylie Minogue and sculptors Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley.

He’s talking with Kathryn Hunter

Akram will be chatting to Kathryn Hunter who is herself a bit of a theatre legend. She is an award-winning actress and theatre director who is known for her ability to ‘shape shift’, which has led her to play roles typically reserved for male actors. Akram directed Kathryn in his 2016 production of Until the Lions, for which Kathryn provided the voice-over.

As Emma Gladstone, Dance Umbrella Artistic Director and Chief Executive says, “Kathryn has worked with Akram before, and I’m keen to hear the insights her insider knowledge will bring as they talk about his choreographic inspirations.”

We’ll be able to see specially selected footage

In the style of Desert Island Discs, there will be a range of footage shared exploring Akram’s childhood inspiration, early work and snippets of influences.

Akram himself says, “To be able to showcase my own personal inspirations, both from my classical Indian dance world by also from my more western contemporary influences, it allows me to reflect and analyse my own version of the stories, that I have gathered, over my brief moment of living in motion.”

It’s free and live

Best of all, thanks to Dance Umbrella and The Space, we don’t have to travel to Leicester to take part. The conversation is being live streamed on Facebook and will be available to watch again.

Burning questions accepted!

If you’ve ever had a question for Akram, now’s your chance! As part of the event, you can ask questions via Twitter the hashtag #MyDanceDNA

Tune in to Akram Khan and Kathryn Hunter 6.30pm on Sunday 17 September

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