News: Death and the Sissy

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Following three solo works dedicated to the exploration of the effeminate man or Sissy, Nando Messias returns this October with Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy a grand finale performance.

Nando sits on a chair surrounded by petals

Nando, whose work combines theatre, dance and live art, highlighted daily realities of macho rejection in his inaugural work Sissy! in 2010. In 2015 he went on to promenade defiantly through Britain’s homophobic crime scenes with a marching band in tow in The Sissy’s Progress making national headlines. Last autumn, the carnivalesque Shoot the Sissy toured live across the UK to critical acclaim.

Now Nando will stage a funeral for his Sissy persona alongside a temporary museum documenting the story of the Sissy thus far. In Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy, Nando marks the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of some homosexual acts by imagining it’s all over.

Images of Sissy sit aflame on a easle

The scene is a place where four roads meet, a site of memory, death, meaning and rebirth. How does the Sissy die? What is its legacy? With characteristic precision, elegance and authenticity, Where 4 Roads Meet: Death and the Sissy aims to bring us face-to-face with the urgent danger of our times in a definitive one-off event.

12 OCTOBER 2017

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