News: Darshan Singh Bhuller to create Rambert-Lowry Commission

Friday 24 February 2006

Darshan Singh Bhuller has been chosen to create a new work marking the 30th anninversary of the death of the painter LS Lowry. It will be a joint commission by Rambert Dance Company and the Lowry, Salford.

LS Lowry – most widely known for his ‘matchstick men’ paintings of Northern industrial landscapes – died on 23 February 1976. He loved ballet and saw Rambert perform in the 1960s.

The new work will première at The Lowry in September, before touring the UK as part of Rambert’s autumn 2006 repertoire.

Talking about the joint commission ,The Lowry’s Artistic Director*, Robert Robson* commented, “We’re keen on creating artistic links between the visual and performing arts, so were delighted when Rambert were so enthusiastic about the commission. We’re not looking for a literal translation of LS Lowry’s work – instead work that has an affinity with his world view”.

It will be Darshan Singh Bhuller’s first choreographic project since his retirement as Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre in May 2006. During these early stages of research, he said: “Lowry’s use of white and negative space creates a feeling of isolation. It could be said that the white suppresses the colour, just as the figures are suppressed by their industrial landscape. It is also interesting the way that Lowry occasionally painted on top of his other canvases as he changed his mind; the result being almost like a memory.”

Rambert’s Artistic Director Mark Baldwin, who chose Darshan for the project, commented: “I am thrilled that Darshan is doing this commission. His skill as a choreographer and his ability to work with dancers of a significant calibre make him ideal for this inspired project. I hope that we will gain an appealing piece for a wide ranging audience – something that everyone can enjoy, providing a means to introduce new audiences to the pleasures of Lowry and dance.”




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