News: Darren Johnston

Tuesday 18 June 2002

Darren Johnston
Workshop Timetable
Mon 5 – Thu 8 Aug

10.30am-12noon RFH Ballroom
Open Company Class Watch the company of professional and youth dancers warm up and prepare for the day’s work.

11-11.45am RFH Hothouse
Dance and Technology Workshop (For children aged 8-12yrs).

12noon-1pm RFH Ballroom
Workshop (For everyone 13yrs plus). Join in and interact with the creative process and feed your movement into the mix.

1-5pm RFH Ballroom
Artistic Team Rehearsal

5pm RFH Ballroom
Work in Progress Experience dance in the making as the company’s dancers perform their results of the day’s rehearsals.

5.30-6pm RFH Foyer (Level 2) Meet the Artistic Team
Monday Darren Johnston (choreographer) & Steve Green (visual designer)
Tuesday Illur Mallus Islandus (set designer)
Wednesday Helen Cain (lighting designer)
Thursday Tom Betts & Jonathon Pilcher (composers/musicians)

6-10.30pm RFH Ballroom
Installation and Film See the creation of the installation and watch red dragon on film.

Fri 9 Aug
11.30am-3pm RFH Ballroom
Final Rehearsals Sneak preview inside the installation

12noon – 1pm RFH Hothouse
Dance and Technology Workshop (For children aged 8-12yrs)

4pm and 5pm RFH Ballroom

Sat 10 Aug
11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm RFH Ballroom

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