News: Dancing on parliament

Thursday 8 July 2010

The Big Dance Bus stopped off in Westminster, parked up in Horse Guards parade & unrolled its dance floor to treat MPs to a stunning lunchtime line up of ballet, street, contemporary and Asian dance performances & taster sessions this Thursday (8 July)

Organised by Dance UK and English National Ballet and partners, the event was one of the hundreds of events making up Big Dance week 2010.

Read Gail Brown’s full report here

In another Big Dance event organised by the Royal Opera House just up the road, hundreds of couples were taking part in a record breaking Tea Dance in Traflagar Square. The record, previously set by Glasgow in 2009, was easily broken – precise numbers to be confirmed.

Photo: Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture & dancers in front of the Big Dance Bus on Horse Guards Parade, by Rick Senley.

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