News: Dance&visual arts commission for Woking

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Woking Dance Festival takes place every two years and is the largest dance festival in the South East of England, outside of London.

This year’s festival runs from 19 February to 6 March and opens with a special commission, in conjunction with The Lightbox gallery – awarded to a collaboration between leading choreographer, Angela Woodhouse and Jerwood-prize winning visual artist, Caroline Broadhead. The MAVEN (n. ma-ven, a person who has special knowledge or expertise and a desire to pass on knowledge to others) Dance Commission invited applicants to create a solo dance in response to American conceptual artist, Jenny Holzer’s *Blue Purple Tilt, Protect & Shape the Battlefield*, currently in exhibition at the Lightbox. Angela Woodhouse said: “Caroline and I are delighted to be offered the MAVEN Commission. We are very excited about the strong political context, which offers a departure for us. Holtzer’s use of US de-classified documents relating to the war in Iraq exploits the audience’s need to look at what is hidden from them, at what they cannot see. Similarly we hope to draw upon these instinctive urges in performance. The physical reality of the mesmeric LED piece Blue Purple Tilt offers a fantastic challenge to find a balance in focus between the illuminated flow of text and the immediacy and intimacy of the live performer. Ultimately our aim is to incorporate the audience, the performer and the works in a singular special experience.”

Other highlights of the festival include Dance Dialogues – a three-year programme connecting artists from Africa and the Middle East with UK artists and audiences which this year will include performers from Algeria, Israel, Lebanon and Tunisia; a dance/film installation by Yael Flexer & Nic Sandiland and Mathilde Monnier’s *City Maquette*, performed by over 60 local people. There will also a chance to focus on dance for children, in conversation and on film.

Woking is 26 minutes from London by rail from Waterloo
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Image: BLUE PURPLE TILT 2007, by Jenny Holzer. The Lightbox, Woking.

Angela Woodhouse & Caroline Broadhead commission will be performed from 19 – 21 February

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