News: Dance UK and ADAD join forces

Friday 7 April 2006

Dance UK and ADAD join forces
At the beginning of June, the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD) and Dance UK join forces to more effectively promote the development of African Peoples’ dance forms and support people working in these forms.

Dance UK is delighted to welcome ‘Funmi Adewole as the ADAD Development Manager and a member of Dance UK’s staff. ‘Funmi has performed with Horse and Bamboo mask and puppetry theatre, Adzido Pan-African Dance Ensemble and the Chomondeleys. She was a member of the ADAD steering group before becoming ADAD’s development manager in December 2002. She will be working with Dance UK on a part-time basis so that she can also continue her performing career.

ADAD’s members will become members of Dance UK, and the ADAD steering committee will remain in place to guide the strategic development of the programme of activity. The idea is that the two organisations will work as one for three years, at the end of which ADAD could become an independent organisation should this be a viable option. Funding is in place for the current year, but needs to be raised for the next two years.

Plans for the next few months include a conference as part of Blazing at the South Bank, education work as part of the Wandsworth Arts Week in November and a series of meetings of the Writers Group. In addition, plans are brewing for a programme of work with Yorkshire Dance. These will be pilot initiatives, and will inform longer term planning. Plans are also in place to provide a database of information as part of a new Dance UK web site, revising the ADAD web site to be Hotfoot on-line, and occasional publications about different aspects of African Peoples’ dance forms.

Jane Mooney, Chair of Dance UK commented: “This is a really exciting development for Dance UK. We are committed to supporting and promoting the rich diversity of dance across the UK today, and the alliance with ADAD will be a major force in helping us to better achieve this ambition. It takes African Peoples’ dance forms closer to the mainstream of dance, so helping ADAD to achieve its prime purpose. It is a win-win move for both organisations.”

Debbie Thomas, Chair of ADAD Steering Committee said: “This alliance with Dance UK is exciting and also vital to assist ADAD to achieve its mission. Out of partnerships grow alliances and out of these grow robust commitments. We are hopeful this will be the outcome of the new move and benefit African People’s Dance forms and the practitioners who work within them twofold.”

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