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Friday 7 April 2006

Jean-Claude Van Damme
is being tipped to star in a film version of Swan Lake with English National Ballet. Impresario Jonathan Shalit, who is behind the film, said: ‘For Swan Lake I have been thinking of: Von Rothbart – Jean-Claude Van Damme or Ewan MacGregor; The Prince’s Mother – Dame Judi Dench, Angela Lansbury, Glenn Close, Jane Seymour. As director, l have in mind the likes of Stephen Daldry, Sam Mendes or Nicholas Hynter.’ Read more in
Observer, 27 Apr. 03
Arts on TV too ‘highbrow’
according to a senior BBC producer. Fiona Morris highlights the need for the BBC to “give arts programming mass appeal.”
Ciar Byrne, Guardian, 14 Apr.03
4Dance 2003
a new dance partnership formed by Channel 4 and Arts Council England
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Why Chicago?
Winning awards at the Golden Globes, the Baftas, & with 13 nominations at the Oscars Sarah Crompton wonders at the success of this screen musical. She believes there are other films more deserving of an Oscar than this one.
Telegraph, 12 March.03
Monaco Dance Screen Awards 2002
went to Wayne McGregor, Gilles Jobin and the BBC for The Dancer’s Body
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Billy Elliot
topped the Christmas TV ratings
A screening of Billy Elliot has helped the BBC beat ITV in the New Year’s Day ratings, drawing an average of 12.2 million viewers and almost half of the viewing audience, according to:
Elton John
has written the songs for a musical based on the film Billy Elliot, to be performed at the Old Vic. ‘The musical will not stick exactly to the film’s storyline, with Billy’s grandmother in particular given a much bigger role. “We will see that the dancer in Billy comes from her,” John said. “I have written her one song and maybe she will have a second.”’
Read more in the
Guardian, 20 June 03
Capture 2 – the latest series of dance for screen productions commissioned by the Arts Council of England received its world premiere at the Monaco Dance Forum recently. The UK premiere was shown at The Place on Tues 17 Dec 2002
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Ballroom Fake
In this weeks episode of the Channel 4 series Faking It Jo Weatherill, a kickboxer from York, was given the task of learning to dance the rumba and take part in a ballroom competition. Nancy Banks-Smith lets us know how Jo got on.
Guardian, 24 Oct.02
The End of Omnibus
The BBC is taking its arts programme Omnibus off air and replacing it with a new refreshed revamped version. However this has prompted fears that the BBC’s interest in the arts is fading.
Dalya Alberge, Times, 4 Nov.02
Sheron Wray
recieves a Fellowship Award from NESTA, the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts. She plans to use some of it to attract new audiences to dance by involving them in altering performances through game-playing using mobile phone technology, or by using computers to morph individuals into a live performance…
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Turner Prize Dispute
The dispute between Turner Prize Nominee Isaac Julien and Javier De Frutos over the copyright of the multiscreen piece The Long Road to Mazatlan, which Julien made with De Frutos as choreographer and performer has been resolved. Maev Kennedy writes in
Guardian, 5 Nov. 01
Summer of Bollywood
Philip Hensher raves about Bollywood films, but highlights the common misconception that all Indian films are just a song-&-dance, in the
Independent, 18 June.02
BBC 1’s
decision to drop its globe identity, and replaced it with short dance/movement sequences has been getting a mixed response. Follow the links to see the clips and
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The Billy Elliott effect
For the first time ever, the Royal Ballet School has accepted more boys than girls – and the new intake confirm that the film has had a huge positive influence on boys…
Telegraph, 14 Apr.02
Artsworld Wins Reprieve
Digitial TV channel Artsworld has been saved from closure after a last-minute arrangement with BskyB.
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is a major new initiative from essexdance. Their recently purchased Motion Capture System will offer dance artists the opportunity to develop skills and explore this exciting technology.
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Dance for Camera Awards 2002
have just been announced by the Arts Council of England. Find out who to here…
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The Arts Council of England has just announced the latest Capture commissions. The new dance-for-screen productions will use film, video, DVD and computer technology and will be completed by November this year.
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The BBC is launching a new multi-media initiative which will help teenagers tap into their creativity, develop their talents in dance, music, art or film making.
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Going Digital with the BBC
With the lack of art and dance currently shown on terrestrial TV, the introduction of BBC Four, a new cultural channel only available with digital TV is good news – for those with access. However, going digital may not be as expensive as you once thought.
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