News: Dance - not just for Christmas

Monday 8 January 2007

Recently The Guardian delivered a punchy editorial comment urging greater public investment in dance. Unfortunately it was two days before Christmas, when most of us weren’t reading the papers….

‘Dance is universal in a way that not even singing can rival. That’s surely because dance is so explicitly and recognisably an affirmation of what it is to be human.’ Read more in the Guardian, 23 Dec 06

Afew days later Lee Hall, author of the screenplay for Billy Elliott responded to the assertion that the young performers in the stage show were ‘middle class’.

‘For all of us working on the show, the most moving aspect is watching a young boy, who, a year before, was in an ordinary school in a working-class area, move 1,500 people a night to their feet in London’s West End.’ Read more in the Guardian, 3 Jan 07

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