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Monday 29 July 2002

Cambodian arts revival
“During Pol Pot’s four-year reign of terror, up to 80 per cent of Cambodia’s artists With them went much of the performance repertory of classical theatre and dance, as well as an enormous variety of folkloric arts” Robert Turnbull writes in the
FT, 11 June 03

Isodora’s influence
Allen Robertson takes a look at how the work of Merce Cunningham, Twyla Tharp, Trisha Brown, & Robert Wilson follow in Isadora Duncan’s footsteps as a groundbreaker in the world of modern dance.
Times, 2 June.03

Salsa 70’s style
The Spanish Harlem Orchestra performed at the Royal Festival Hall in April. They are hoping to revive the heyday of New York salsa according to Peter Culshaw in the,
Telegraph, 24 Apr.03

Nureyev as Director
Given the chance could Rudolf Nureyev have revitalised British ballet in the same way that he did in France? John Percival asks the question in,
Independent, 9 Apr.03

Dance and the count down to war
“In their ability to defy gravity, I saw the divine in the human form. And just as the divine can be rendered visible by art, so can the bestial: we can be made to look in the face of Caliban as well as Ariel.” Richard Eyre in the
Guardian, 15 Mar. 03

The Sleeping Beauty
opened at the Opera House recently. John Percival welcomes the revival and looks back at past productions of Petipa’s classic in the
Independent, 6 Mar. 03

Duende: A Journey in Search of Flamenco
by Jason Webster has been published recently.It is “a compelling account of a culture closed to most guiris (foreigners) and infinitely darker and more dramatic than the colourful tourist spectacles would have them believe.”
Observer, 5 Jan 03

won a Tony Award for Best Broadway Musical of 1999. Is it a ballet, a play or a musical? Allen Robertson ask the questions. For this and other related articles
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Serge Diaghilev’s
“checked silk handkerchief and the thermometer that measured his temperature at 106F the night he died in Venice in August 1929, were among a hoard of items owned by his last star and lover, Serge Lifar, that sold at Sotheby’s for £120,000” according to a report in the
Telegraph, 9 Dec. 02

Kenneth MacMillan
- a Celebration
to mark the 10th anniversary of this death the Royal Ballet are showing a number of MacMillan ballets. Lady MacMillan talks frankly about her husband’s work. Read the interviews and related articles,
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The Flower Drum Song – Rodgers & Hammerstein’s ‘lost’ musical is back on Broadway with “superb choreography”. Edward Karam reports from New York
Guardian, 30 Oct. 02

Total work of art
Artists that interpreted and were inspired by Wagner’s vision of ‘total’ art . . .
Jonathan Jones, Guardian, 14 June.02

Rebecca Heald highlights Brixton-based dance group Frititi amongst the many high quality acts at WOMAD this year.
Telegraph 30 July. 02
Sue Steward looks back on 20 years of Womad – World of Music Arts and Dance, in anticipation to this year’s festival 26-28 July.
Telegraph, 06 July. 02

Play without Words
… devised by dancer Matthew Bourne with designer Lez Brotherston, the team that created the all-male ballet of Swan Lake, features in a season of new work which aims to attract young audiences to the National Theatre.
Maev Kennedy, Guardian, 9 Apr. 02

Notting Hill Carnival
took place at the end of August. Bill Tuckey discusses the Carnival’s roots and other aspects of this amazing street party.
Independent, 23 Aug.02

Performance Art
from the 1960’s & ’70’s was reinacted last week @ the Whitechapel Art Gallery.
Richard Dorment reports in the
Telegraph, 24 Apr. 02

10 million people in 36 countries have seen the ‘high-precision, high-energy dance & percussion show’. As is returns to England this spring, Vanessa Thorpe interviews its creators Steve McNicholas & Luke Cresswell in the Observer, 24 Feb.02
Press reviews
Sadlers Wells to 21 Apr. 02
Judith Flanders, Evening Standard, 3 Apr.02

A preview of ‘Bounce’ took place in a skateboard park in West London. Judith Mackrell was there.
Guardian, 5 Aug.02

is at the Royal Festival Hall for four weeks this summer. Sondheim’s musical is a challenge to stage, but, director Paul Kerryson tells Rupert Christiansen, it remains a masterpiece…
Telegraph, 30 Jul. 02

Viennese Waltz

“The world of ballroom dance has been split by a row over the Viennese waltz.”

Times, 22 Apr.02

“She has been a feminist campaigner, a sultry sex icon, a street kid – even a male mechanic.”
Judith Mackrell discusses how Carmen has been treated by Ballet!
Guardian, 30th March

returns to London next month (Apollo Hammersmith, from 15 May)_“It’s just as well that de Gallaí is another spectacular mover, because [it]is all about spectacle, about refusing even the slightest nuance & understatement, about giving folk art the rock-show treatment.”_
Nadine Meisner, Independent, 5 Apr. 02

The Closure of ‘Cats’
Evening Standard, 15 Jan. 02
Louise Jury, Independent, 16 Jan. 02

Romeo and Juliet
As Birmingham Royal Ballet prepare to open their production, Judith Mackrell examines dance’s fascination for the love story
Guardian, 23 Feb. 02

Romeo & Juliet
All four major British Ballet companies perform the Prokofiev ballet this spring. John Percival asks if it’s been ‘done to death’ in the
Independent, 1 Apr. 02

Marie Taglioni
When the great ballerina Marie Taglioni made her final guest appearance in Russia in 1842, a group of St Petersburg groupies paid 200 roubles for a pair of her old shoes, cooked them and ate them with a special sauce.
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Judith Mackrell looks at the history of the ballet classic
Guardian, 21 Mar 02

The Nutcracker
Louise Levene talks to the people who, love it or loathe it, depend for their livelihoods on this lucrative ballet classic in
Telegraph, 7 Jan. 02

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