News: Dance for the Camera Awards 2002

Wednesday 12 June 2002

Dance for Camera Awards 2002
Following shortlisting in Amsterdam and the UK 8 films have been selected for development, 4 in the UK and 4 in the Netherlands.

Established by the BBC and the Arts Council of England in 1992, Dance for the Camera aims to combine the talents of choreographers and directors to create diverse, innovative and high quality films for television. Each of the collaborations uses the fundamental elements of movement, image and music, to express a personal vision on screen.

‘We are delighted to be working with the BBC and for the second time with NPS (Nederlands Programme Stichtung) on this long running series. The collaboration between BBC2 and the Arts Council of England goes from strength to strength and this series displays an exciting and provocative mix of ideas and styles’ said Hilary Carty, Director of Dance at the Arts Council of England.

‘Although the television climate has changed, bold ideas and brave and inspiring dance films are still made, and by more and more film-makers. Dance for the Camera has been the vehicle for some of the best of these and although it is teetering on the fringe of current TV schedules, deserves all the plaudits it receives’ said Ross MacGibbon, Executive Producer, Dance for the BBC.

This years productions for Dance for the camera 7/Dancing across the water are:

Director David Hinton
Choreographer Rosemary Lee
Composer Adrian Johnston
Company 702 Films

Director Lucy Baldwin
Choreographer Filip Van Huffel
Composer Jules Maxwell
Company MJW

Girl on a Lake
Director Miranda Pennell
Choreographer Miranda Pennell
Composer Graham Miller
Company MJW

A Sense of Gravity
Director David Anderson
Choreographer Itzik Galili
Composer Dirk Campbell
Company Zed Film Co

No waiting on an angel
Choreographer/Director Hans Beenhakker
Composer Cornelius Borgolte

Choreographer Shusaku Takeuchi
Director Boris Paval Conen
Composer Maurits Overdulve

Choreographer Katrina Brown
Director Rein Hazewinkel
Composer Han Buhrs

Choreographer Keith Derrick Randolph
Director Sascha Engel
Composer Jan Bas Bollen

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