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Friday 7 April 2006

See a performance at a bus stop near you last week?
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Tap Dogs Rebooted
The high energy tap show is back to @ Sadler’s Wells. The performers, men and women in the new re-choreographed version, build the industrial set in front of your eyes, “the guys energetically wield heavy-duty tools – like metal cutters, which shoot sparks everywhere”
Charlotte Cripps, Independent, 4 Aug.03
Raiford Rogers
arrives at the Peacock Theatre this week. He talks to Charlotte Cripps about his Los Angeles based company, the programme they will be performing, and the inspiration he gets from the dancers.
Independent, 10 June.03
Cirque Eloize
is coming to town. Director Daniele Finzi Pasca tells Oliver McGhie about the show, “It is a feast and a dance of life.”
Independent, 30 July.03
The Kirov Ballet
come to Covent Garden in May, after opening at the Lowry, Salford. Nadine Meisner previews in the
Independent, 22 Apr. 03
Banal & dreary
Janet Street-Porter speaks out about a recent production by a well-known British ballet company. She cites William Christie and Les Arts Florissants’ new production of Les Boréades in Paris as an example of getting it effortlessly right.
Sun.Independent, 13 Apr.03
Changing face of ballet
According to Debra Craine Britain’s ballet companies are questioning whether they should modernise their approach to dance, or stay with the traditional favourites.
Times, 30 Dec.02
Scottish ballet
“Scottish Ballet is forging ahead with controversial plans to reposition itself as a contemporary rather than traditional Company……..despite fierce opposition to proposals from the company’s dancers and leading figures within the Scottish Dance establishment.”
The Scotsman, March 30th, James Doherty
James Doherty, The Scotsman, 8 Oct.01
Dance highlights Sep.02
The critics pick some highlights of the busiest dance season Judith Mackrell in the Guardian, 12 Sept. 02, Debra Craine in the Times, 16 Sept. 02 Times and David Dougill in the Times, 15 Sep. 02
…began as a group of drag artists and their drunken admirers. The Guardian describes the average act as “a mutant hybrid of pub drag and performance art, performed in pubs and clubs”. So what part does contemporary dance play in it?
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Ballet Boyz
Ex Royal Ballet Dancers, William Trevitt and Michael Nunn, premiere their first mixed bill in Harrogate with their new company George Piper Dances.
Guardian, 1 Aug.02
William Trevitt
of George Piper Dances talks to the
Independent, 17 Feb. 02
Ask the audience
An Australian dance group, The Chunky Move company, asked 3,000 audience members what they’d like to see in a dance work and then created Australia’s Most Wanted: Ballet For A Contemporary Democracy.
New York City Ballet
are sending some of its top dancers to perform at Sadler’s Wells later this month. Debra Craine asks “Why get excited about visiting American dancers when we have so many good ones of our own?” read her answer in,
The Times, 10 Sep.02
Bourne falls out with AMP

“Matthew Bourne, the doyen of contemporary dance, has been accused of walking out on the troupe that made his name – and taking his repertoire with him.”

James Morrison, Sun.Independent, 9 March.03
Animal Rights Showstoppers
A performance by the English National Ballet was forced to stop for 20 mins when animal rights activists chanted slogans, and sounded klaxons. The protest was against a board member of ENB who has links with a company that experiments on animals.
Dalya Alberge & Valerie Elliott, Times, 23 Nov.02

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