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Tuesday 5 October 2004

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company perform at the Barbican this week, as part of Dance Umbrella 2004. Merce Cunningham discusses his work, and his use of chance in performance.

Cunningham’s new work, Side Splits, features a collaboration with Radiohead and Sigur Ros. Ed Caesar found out that each performance is, “entirely predicated on an afternoon roll of the die. This act of chance determines how the performance will unfold each day: with two choices for each of the categories, there are 32 possible combinations of costumes, lighting, choreography, music and decor.”
Independent, 5 Oct.04

Alastair Macaulay talks to Cunningham about his company and the creation process involved in his work, “he [Cunningham] uses a computer to devise movement on a 3-D droid. He has made this a part of the creative process, using it to take his style in fresh directions and created sequences of movement that a living body would not create for itself.”
FT, 5 Oct.04

Merce Cunningham Dance Company, 5-9 October 2004, Barbican, Box office: 0845 120 7513
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