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Friday 7 April 2006

'Contact' picture: Alastair Muir ‘Contact’
won a Tony Award for Best Broadway Musical of 1999. Its director is Susan Stroman, best known as a choreographer – and it stars former Royal Ballerina Sarah Wildor, but is it a ballet, a play or a musical? Allen Robertson asks the questions in
the Times, 21 Oct. 02

New dance-show breaks the mould.
“This is not the usual musical. In fact, it is not the usual anything, because it is an experiment in a city of commercial mind where theatrical experiments rarely happen. It is a dance-show in which three short stories are told, with some dialogue but ultimately, and triumphantly, in the potent language of dance.”
Ismene Brown talks to Susan Stroman about the success of her show on Broadway in
Telegraph, 19 Oct.02
Wildor’s Moving On
From Royal Ballet to West End, Sarah Wildor tells Jenny Gilbert about her new role as a subservient housewife in 1957 in Queen’s, New York.
“She’s a wife with an imagination, and that’s how she escapes. She escapes reality by imagining she can be something else. That’s when the ballet comes in.”
Sun.Independent 20 Oct.02
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