News: Circus Space Awards

Friday 7 April 2006

Circus Space Awards
The Circus Space has made four £1,000 and five £500 Creation Studio bursaries. The bursaries are designed to enable professional circus performers to experiment and work towards devising new work – with an emphasis on the process rather than realising a finished show. This was the second of three years of these bursaries, which are funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. The successful applicants are: –

£1,000 Bursaries
Girisho Gordon, to devise an aerial routine with reinforced clothes that re strong enough to allow the performers to grab and hang from them.Girisho a former degree student at The Circus Space recently won The 6thInternational Newcomer Show in Leipzig with his solo trapeze piece ‘TheQuirk Ethic’.

Lindsey Butcher, for design plans into a system that allows an aerial performer to continually tumble and twist earthwards on a spliced loop of rope that is always being pulled up.

Other Half Productions, to experiment with a portable four-channel surround sound environment to accompany acrobalance, clowning, juggling and stilts routines.

Abigail Yeates, inspired by the works of Escher, to work with a 12ft by 16ft climbing wall and four female performers, researching how to manoeuvre around the wall in a choreographic way.

£500 Bursaries
Annette Fiaschi – to create a 20 minute acrobalance performance using an array of different sized boxes.

Max Haverkamp, in collaboration with Susan Voyticky, to develop a routine combining juggling and aerial hoop. The duo hope to showcase the piece in the San Francisco International Arts Festival later this year.

Ian Marchant, to work on a new routine, “Waiting for your Dinner”
incorporating ball spinning, and suitcase and plate manipulation.

Amber Noble & Gemma Mawson, to make a controlled, fluid and sexy acrobatic act working in silhouette in the style of the James Bond Movies.

Sarah Smith, for a ‘weeble’ – a piece of equipment that will enable a performer to lean horizontally over to the floor, circle around and return to the upright position without falling over.

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