News: Circus Front

Monday 18 June 2007

A new season of Circus at the Roundhouse showcases performances from cutting edge circus companies from Europe and Australia. Roundhouse Programming Manager Verity McArthur says “They’re stepping back from the idea of simply showing off one great trick and moving into more complex narrative and emotional performances. I hope the season will give people a taster of what’s out there – catching circus at a point in its development.” Read more in the Sunday Times, 17 Jun 07

And in the Independent: “There’s always been an incredible skill at the heart of circus performance,” says McArthur. “What makes it interesting is when that very physical skill is combined with other creative energy; many of these companies are taking things much further in their artistic collaborations. They’re looking at more than presenting skills, pulling in physical theatre and dance so you get a more exciting whole.” Read more

‘There are camp boys in tights, girls in sequinned outfits, and fishnets are stretched over powerful thighs. This circus mixes variety, live art performance and burlesque.’ Read more in the Guardian, 20 Jun 07

Circus Front runs at the Roundhouse from 21 June – 5 August. More details on

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