News: Choreography camp - Sadler's Wells style

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sadler's Wells Summer University participants.
Photo: Ben Dowden

Whilst many of us have been enjoying a break this month, fifteen young choreographers have been immersed in the first Sadler’s Wells Summer University for the last two weeks. It’s the start of a four year open programme giving emerging dance makers the chance to study the art and craft of choreography and all part of the ongoing Jerwood Studio at Sadler’s Wells which began in 2006, to develop creative opportunities for dancers and choreographers to experiment and take risks.

This first session is being led by choreographer Jonathan Burrows. He says: “In an intensive two weeks the 15 choreographers will be encouraged to listen, look, study, discuss and reflect upon their own practice and on that of other dance artists, not in an academic way but as a preparation for the making of new work. Rather than experiment, the idea is to clarify what has been done and push that towards what might also be possible. The impact of this work when repeated over a number of years has a greater chance of spreading beyond the initial group of participating artists, and slowly shift approaches to choreography.”

The participants, chosen through an open application process for a free place are Amy Bell, Cameron McMillan, Efrosini Protopapa, Gillie Kleiman, Danya Hammoud, Valentina Golfieri, Vicki Igbokwe, Alexander Whitley, Jamila Johnson Small, Melanie Teall, Wilkie Branson, Hemabharathy Palani, Hetain Patel, Matthias Sperling and Lorena Randi.

Alistair Spalding, Sadler’s Wells Chief Executive and Artist Director says “While we have been fortunate to support and present the work of dance makers at the peaks of their career, it’s extremely important that we continue to feed the pool of talent and support the next generation of choreographers. I’m very excited to be doing so through the Sadler’s Wells Summer University which offers an important development in the understanding and teaching of choreography.”


Image: Sadler’s Wells Summer University participants. Photo: Ben Dowden

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