News: Choreographer Lisa Torun worked with Turner Prize nominee

Wednesday 27 October 2004

Yinka Shonibare is one of four artists to be nominated for The Turner Prize 2004.
In his film Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball) he colloborates with London based choreographer Lisa Torun to tell the story, through dance, of the assasination of King Gustav III of Sweden at a masked ball in 1792. The film can now be seen at Tate Britain in the Turner Prize 2004 exhibition.

It has already received an enthusiastic review by the Evening Standard art critic Brian Sewell, who said that he was so absorbed in the dance that: “It is a ballet that I would like to see again, in reality or on the television screen…\”

Commenting on the collaboration, Lisa Torun said: “To create choreography for film offers unusual opportunities when it comes to telling a story and in the possibilities to zoom in on detailed movements. As such this work has allowed me several new tools. The dramatic structure had to be carried by the choreography itself, where a choreographed or directed facial expression of the King is followed by the staging of a large ballroom dance or close-ups of choreographed hands in a dressing up scene. Where a script or director would normally guide the viewer here the story is told through movement in all its breadth. The choreographic language has therefore been developed by looking at both gestures and facial expressions, traditional ballroom dances of the time but twisted up with humour and the use of bodies in both the foreground and background to play with the composition of a frame.”


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