News: Choreodrome 2007 partipants announced

Wednesday 23 May 2007

The Place have announced the names of fifty two dance artists chosen to participate in Choreodrome this summer. The biennial summer research programme provides free space to research and rehearse, as well as support for choreographers and dancers to develop their ideas without the pressure of having to deliver an end product for performance.

There were over 140 applicants; selected participants include Jasmin Vardimon, Arthur Pita, Sally Marie and Bawren Tavaziva.

Participants are selected through an open application on the basis of the strength of their research proposal and their ability to contribute to the dynamic creative community at The Place during the project. This year, candidates can choose to work either on directed research projects led by international artists Guy Cools, Lin Snelling, Yasmeen Godder and Izthik Guili, they can work on self-directed projects, or combine both.

In September, The Place will present a new theatre season entitled *Touch Wood*, where dance makers will present works in development as “naked ideas” on a bare wooden stage with minimal staging. The artists participating in Choreodrome’s self-directed programme will have the opportunity to contribute.

Directed research with Guy Cools and Lin Snelling

Tony Adigun, Leon Baugh, Mayuri Boonham, Seke Chimutengwende, Zoi Dimitriou, Simon Ellis, Rosie Kay, Sally Marie, Guiliana Majo, Anton Mirto, Colin Poole, Frauke Requardt, Janina Rajakangas, Jasmiina Sipila, Matthias Sperling, Susanne Thomas

Directed research with Yasmeen Godder and Izthik Guili

Tony Adigun, Mayuri Boonham, Donatella Cabras, Ben Duke, Delphine Gaborit, Leo T Kay, Sally Marie, Colin Poole Fernanda Prata

Self-Directed research

Tony Adigun, Francis Angol, Marc Brew, Alex Broadie, Jin Yeob Cha, Zoi Dimitriou, Robin Dingemans, Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer,Fred Gehrig, Katie Green, Jemima Hoadley, Ben Johnson and David McCormick, Darren Johnston, Rosie Kay, Rosemary Lee, Jose Luis Vida, Jonathan Lunn, Sue MacLennan, Harriet Macauley, Guiliana Majo, Abi Mortimer, Rick Nodine, Freddie Opoku Addaie, Arthur Pita, Colin Poole, Janina Rajakangas, Frauke Requardt, Mickael Riviere, Shane Shambu, Jasmiina Sipila, Bawren Tavaziva, Susanne Thomas, Satu Tuomisto, Jasmin Vardimon, Anna Williams, Rachel Krische

Choreodrome takes place from Monday 30 July to Sunday 23 September 2007

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