News: Cathy Marston to leave Bern Ballett

Thursday 3 May 2012 by Carmel Smith

Cathy Marston in rehearsals. Photo: Claire Park

In a brief statement from Konzert Theater Bern (previously Stadttheater Bern) it’s been announced that British choreographer Cathy Marston, who has been Director of Bern Ballett since 2007 will leave the company at the end of next season, apparently due to artistic differences with the new Director of the theatre. Marston was appointed by the former Theater Intendant, Marc Adam. The new man in the post, Stephan Märki said

“The decision to change the dance department within the KTB was not easy for me. Cathy Marston has succeeded in recent years to find a new anchor for dance in Bern; to revitalize the repertoire and build a versatile, high-quality company. Their work deserves our utmost respect and sincere thanks. However, faced with the challenge to give a new artistic direction to the institution, our artistic visions differ too much to enable a long-term collaboration between us. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the coming season of work together us very much. “

Cathy Marston said

“The ensemble that I have established since 2007 is of an excellent quality, demonstrated not least by the international invitations we have received and our recent participation in the Swiss-wide, internationally reputed Steps Festival. When my last season in Bern ends in July 2013, we will have developed 32 world premieres over six years. I hope that the company will continue to be nurtured with care and responsibility, that the enthusiastic audience we have built up is maintained and developed, and that the company achieves its full potential. In the up-coming season we still have much to look forward to: We will continue to show a broad spectrum of contemporary dance, at the highest level, collaborating with no fewer than six international choreographers. I wish Stephan Maerki and his team all luck for the future.”

There are many companies -and audiences – in the UK who will be glad to see her working back here, if that’s what she chooses to do. Previously she has worked with Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre, Balletboyz and many other companies, as well as Ballett Basel, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba and the Washington Ballet. She has also performed with Henri Oguike Dance Company, Arc Dance Company and Liv Lorent.

Bern Ballett performed at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House last May and Cathy Marston talked to us then. Read interview

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